Mashallah Metal Islamic Wall Art - WAM086

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  • Masha'Allah, La Quwwata Illa Billah (As God willing, there is no power nor strength except in Allah) - Every Muslim should accept and acknowledge the might and unlimited power of Allah.
  • Designed and produced by Wall Art Istanbul
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  • Material: 1.5 mm High-quality steel
  • Medium Product Weight: 2 lbs (0,9 Kg)
  • Large Product Weight: 4,2 lbs (1,9 Kg) 
  • Islamic Wall Art stands 2 cm away from the wall
  • The art is ready to hang, there is a hanging attachment at the back of wall art
  • You need only one nail for hanging the Islamic wall art
  • Satisfied customers from all over the world
  • 90 years of metal experience is in your Muslim homes. You can renew your walls with modern Metal Islamic Wall Art. Meet Wall Art Istanbul quality.